If you want to get into the best shape of your life, and shed unwanted belly fat, this program is for you!

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Looking for that service that bridges the gap between Physical Therapy and getting back to your active lifestyle?

Training for an event or competing in a sport?

Or looking to lose fat, gain confidence or just ‘get in shape’?

Then watch this:


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The Torrid Twenty: Twenty Exercises that will Ignite your Inner Furnace for Optimal Fat Loss

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Discover How to Finally Lose that Layer of Fat On Top of Your Muscles

and get in the best shape of your life in less than an hour a day!

 Today is your lucky day!

We are the Northeast Kingdom and Vermont’s #1 Fat Loss Experts!

Whether you have ugly belly fat, flabby arms, man boobs, jiggly thighs, the dreadful layer of fat over your muscle,

or you just want better conditioning, and be more fit, then you have come to the right place

Here’s what you can expect from Fortitude Fitness Systems:


Our workouts utilize the Fortitude Fitness System’s Philosophy of Organized Chaos. In order to be fit you must have endurance but also be strong. Strength Endurance is a main component to shed unwanted belly fat, and discover new levels of conditioning.
Develop a ‘killer mindset’ with each workout. You will transform your mind to a confident, ‘nothing can stop me’ mentality.
Program design to evoke rapidfat loss and increase lean muscle strength.
Nutrition designed to help youincinerate fat and feed your muscles.
Enjoy the camaraderie ofa close knit group and develop a second family of support.
Membership that costs thefraction of the price of a gym membership + personal training
Discover your competitive sidewith some friendly challenges that will skyrocket your results.
Interval training workouts tohelp enhance your cardiovascular endurance
No more fitness plateaus, no more frustration.
Variety. Every workout is different, and you never know what to expect, except for a quality balanced training program designed to optimize fat loss and conditioning.
Train with a huge variety ofexercise equipment all focused on revving up your metabolism for the best fatloss muscle gain workout! Use equipment such as:
Bodyweight Training
Medicine Balls
Stretch Bands
Items in the surrounding environment
and Much More!


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